To paraphrase an old joke: A renowned spiritual priest, in a show of humility, fell to his knees, bowed his head and chanted, ‘I’m nobody. I’m nobody.’ A wealthy politician saw this, fell to his knees, and repeated, “I’m nobody. I’m nobody.” Finally, a janitor walked up, fell to his knees, and chanted. “I’m nobody. I’m nobody.” The priest nudged the politician and said: “Now look who thinks he’s nobody.”

In this blog, two spiritually obsessed non-religious nobodies share their experiences and insights as they sort through the existential minefield that is America, and stumble their way through the dark night of the soul toward, possibly, the light.

Zoe is a writer, analyst, and meditator from Minneapolis by way of L.A. and Chicago.

Ben San Del is a Twin Cities storyteller, playwright, and comedian.